Shiva Biochem Industries

Who we are

We “Shiva Biochem Industries” are a leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter and Retailer of a diverse range of specialty essential phospholipids like Liquid, De-Oiled and Granulated Lecithins of various origin as well as other value added products derived out of Soy beans & Sunflower seeds.

We are part of Bhuwaneshwer Refineries Pvt Ltd. established in 1995 and active since in manufacturing of refined oil.

Location advantage

Our parent company is located in the city of Amravati (State of Maharashtra) with the population of 1 mln inhabitants,. Production Facility is located about 20Km from the city centre.

This geographic position in Central India provides strategic advantage in the access to soybean rich belt of the country. Soybeans used to manufacture our products are strictly of Indian origin. The cultivation of Genetically Modified (GM) soybeans is strictly restricted in India by law & hence all these products are Non-GM in nature.

Quality matters most

Our clients appreciate efficient & comprehensive quality management system that we employ to deliver quality products. Our Food Safety Management System (FSMS) guarantees a line of documentation for complete monitoring & control of all processes related to our products and also provides traceability from the raw material to the finished products.

We believe in delivering to customer expectations through continuously investing in innovation and technical services. We strive to deliver value and delight to our customers and are enjoying the faith shown by them in return.